Thank you for your feedback!

After the disruptions caused by COVID-19 in recent years, ACHPER Queensland recently conducted a survey of its database to gain feedback on its future focus for 2023 and beyond.  This feedback will be used to determine how to refocus the organisation and deliver on the services required for Queensland HPE teachers.

The key themes that emerged from the survey were:

  • Access to professional development opportunities is difficult for teachers in regional, rural and remote locations due to travel distances and school budgets for travel
  • ACHPER needs to better advocate on behalf of teachers to key stakeholders on the importance of the Health and Physical Education curriculum and to ensure adequate lesson time is allocated to the subjects
  • You want more access to networking opportunities with fellow teachers in order to share experiences, learnings, best practice and resources
  • You want access to professional development that provides best practice on assessment and moderation
  • You want updates on version 9 of the Australian Curriculum and how that applies practically to your work environment.

Thanks to those of you that completed the survey and provided your feedback, it’s been very worthwhile.

This information will be incorporated into our 2023 Operational Plan which will be presented to the Board at its December meeting for endorsement. We look forward to sharing further details with you on specific strategies and activities that will be implemented to address these issues so that we can provide you with the best services possible to support you in your teaching career.

For more details on the survey results, click here.