Quality Teacher Award 

This award recognises the significant contribution made by a Queensland HPE teacher to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles through quality teaching practices within the school community.

Winner: Liza Costa St John’s College, Nambour

Liza is an exemplary professional who provides a significant service to the HPE Department and the St John's College community since the early 1990s. Her professionalism, thorough teaching practice and dedication to the HPE subject has ensured students develop lifelong physical and health literacy and have the necessary skills to develop their own, and other's health and wellbeing. Liza is highly committed to teaching the theoretical and practical aspects of the coursework and is an experienced and knowledgeable mentor for her colleagues. She is as an advocate for a student developing strong social and emotional wellbeing throughout the Junior HPE Program to ensure they have the resilience to thrive in life.
Liza has led and implemented the Sport & Recreation program for many years and fostered a strong outdoor education model at St John's College which provides a sustainable, minimal impact approach where students learn life skills, whilst also gaining certifications in Senior First Aid and Surf Bronze. She has worked tirelessly to adapt her program to meet the new Applied Syllabus requirements and successfully organises and delivers an annual three day camp for students in Year 11 and students in Year 12 Sport & Recreation. Students develop a range of life skills including resilience, confidence, perseverance, decision making and critical thinking skills in a supportive and engaging learning environment across the two year senior program. 
In addition to the contributions to the Sport & Recreation, Liza has significantly contributed to the Year 9 and 10 HPE program to ensure students are addressing Australian Curriculum objectives and are prepared for the new Senior System. She has worked independently and collaboratively to develop units of work, assessment items and engaging learning experiences for students to meet these objectives.