Pre-Service Teacher Award

This award recognises the significant contribution made by a Queensland pre-service teacher who completed outstanding and consistent professional experiences/s, as well as the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to the school or wider community.

Honorary Mention: Ruby Andrews, The University of Queensland

Ruby has participated in numerous professional experiences across various contexts, including primary and secondary schools, state and independent schools, and with students with disability. Her final professional experience was 12 weeks in duration and was very unique as it occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While carrying a full teaching load with HPE and Science/Biology, Ruby excelled under these challenging circumstances by demonstrating outstanding adaptability, use of technology to support students' active learning, and rapport building skills during both theory and practical lessons. 
In her final performance report, Ruby's supervising teacher says, 'Ruby has displayed high order mastery of many essential skills underpinning good teaching practice. She has a wide and deep understanding of current pedagogical models and approaches and makes use of this very effectively in all her classes. She brings determination to developing a strong cohesive understanding of relevant and unfamiliar subject matter. She has a strong, confident and mature presence to her classroom role, inspiring confidence, engagement and enthusiasm in her students. As a teacher, she has been flexible, adaptable, patient and collaborative.' 
Ruby has demonstrated service at different levels and in various capacities. 
Ruby is an active member of the UQ community. In 2020, she represented the Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education (Honours) Program as student ambassador at UQ Open Day, where she shared information about the program and her experiences with prospective students. She also helped develop and organise Orientation Day activities for first year students in her program. 

Ruby's service extends to the community. Since 2016, she has been volunteering at Edmund Rice Camps for disadvantaged individuals and families. In 2019, she assisted with Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School's Senior Life Saving camp. Ruby has also been working as a teacher aide at Milton State School, where she supports a diverse range of students, including students with disabilities and EAL/D students in prep to year 6. 
Finally, as a waterpolo coach, Ruby has coached numerouis girls' teams at All Hallow's School (2013-2019: U13A, 12A, 15B) and for Queensland (U14A QLD Team Assistant Coach in 2014). As part of her coaching roles, she developed and planned coaching sessions, communicated effectively with players, parents and officials, and demonstrated high levels of respect and sportsmanship. 

Ruby's commitment to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles through her teaching, coaching and other service roles is also evident by various professional development activities she's undertaken over time. For example, during 2020, she participated in professional development sessions by the Queensland College of Teachers (Feedback in an online Environment; Managing challenging behaviour) as well as the REAP pre-service program from Brisbane Catholic Education. Similarly, in 2019, she participated in training focused on student protection and code of conduct. Finally, Ruby has over the last few years completed a number of coaching, refereeing and safety certificates (community coaching general principles, water safety lifesaving, swimming, netball, water polo), which enhance her contribution to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles.